Production Day 01

The Beginning

DateSaturday, October 10th
LocationErica's House
Scenes01, 02, 03, 04, 48

Austin Elliott peruses through our variety of camera equipment on the first day of set.

Set designer Jessica Larson decorates “Erica’s” bedroom for a very important scene.

Our first day filming was a beautiful day and allowed for us to keep equipment and craft services outside and away from the set.

We are eternally grateful for our craft services provider, Sheri Pfaff, for her hard work, dedication, and amazing meals every single day on set.

Sound designers Andrew Westmaas and Joshua Moore take room tone to catch the essence of the house.

If it were not for our key grip, Steven Fitzgerald, some of our moving shots would not be as spectacular as they are.

Actor Stevie Pierce spent much of his day under this tv… this was before the blood…

Director Josh Pfaff preps actress Cailee Spaeny for her scene that brought us goose bumps.

That’s a wrap on day one!

Thank you Reja Spaeny, Stevie Pierce, and Cailee Spaeny for the spectacular performances that set the tone for production of Counting to 1000.

Josh Pfaff has Cailee focus on the upcoming scene with music to block out distraction, especially her “dead” mother lying next to her.

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